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For a new generation


To establish field gun as a recognised international sport.


To promote the sport of field gun around the world as an ethically robust, competitive team sport with a path from junior to representative crew member.

About Pro Field Gun


The sport originated when Queen Victoria gave the sailors of her fleet the privilege of marching through London with their guns on display. One thing leads to another and before too long it had turned into a sport where ships crews would race against each other. 

Over time the format evolved and the location changed, in 1907 the Inter-Command Competition began, between Devonport, Portsmouth and Chatham. The sport of Command Field Gun was laid to rest in 1999 when Devonport set the world record of 2 minutes, 40.43 seconds.

Origins: 1899 – 1999


It's Back!

Pro Field Gun is back for a new generation, as the successor to Command Field Gun.

What is Pro Field Gun?

A race where teams compete against each other and the clock to compete a course by pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting the gun and limber (the action gear) which may be in phases (actions) and includes obstacles and mechanical aides, (walls, chasms and rigging gear) but will include drills to partially disassemble the action gear within the rules and subject to penalties of the competition.

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